Chuck Swindoll
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

They DENY the Lord who bought them!

False teachers like Charles Swindoll no longer have to 'secretly' bring in their destructive heresies. They own the platforms! With deceptive words and smooth speech they exploit you and blaspheme the way of truth.  Following is one of the slickest of them all. He's polished and well placed and many consider him a scholar in biblical studies. But he has overthrown the faith of many and lead them into the error of the wicked. You need only read for yourself to see the Mr. Swindoll preaches a 'cheap' and watered down message promoting the sin religion.  

In his book Demonism (Multnomah Press, 1981), Swindoll promoted the unscriptural idea that a child of God can be indwelt by a demon. He wrote,

"Can a Christian Be Demonized? -- For a number of years I questioned this, but I am now convinced it can occur. If a 'ground of entrance' has been granted the power of darkness (such as trafficking in the occult, a continual unforgiving spirit, a habitual state of carnality, etc.,), the demon(s) sees this as a green light okay to proceed. Wicked forces are not discriminating with regard to which body they may inhabit. I have worked personally with troubled, anguished Christians for many years. On a few occasions I have assisted in the painful process of relieving them of demons. The alien, wicked spirit certainly cannot claim 'ownership' of the Christian. He is still a child of God. But while present in the body (perhaps in the region of the soul) the evil force can work havoc within the life, bringing the most extreme thoughts imaginable into his or her conscious." 

Chuck Swindoll has been the president of Dallas Theological Seminary since 1994. Prior to that he was the senior pastor of First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, California, for 24 years. Because of his books and radio messages, Swindoll is an extremely influential New Evangelical leader.

In typical New Evangelical fashion, he recommends and uncritically quotes from the books of a wide variety of false teachers. Swindoll devoted an entire edition of his Insights for Living publication (April 1988) to uncritical promotion of the German neo-orthodox Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Swindoll calls Bonhoeffer "a saint bound for heaven"; but this "saint" promoted the "de-mythologizing" and questioning of Scripture. Cornelius Van Til documented Bonhoeffer's dangerous theology in The Great Debate Today. Swindoll has also uncritically praised the Roman Catholic Mother Teresa who taught that Hindus and Buddhists can go to heaven by their own faith. In his book The Tale of the Tardy Oxcart, Swindoll quotes Robert Schuller with no qualification, in spite of the fact that Schuller preaches a false gospel of self-esteem.

Chuck Swindoll is an ecumenist who has spoken at Promise Keepers conferences and other forums that bring together Protestants, Baptists, Catholics, Charismatics, etc. In November 1996, he spoke at apostate Baylor University, which is home to many modernists who question and openly deny the infallibility of the Holy Scriptures. At the July 1994 Promise Keepers conference in Boulder, Colorado, Swindoll entered the stadium on a motorcycle to the blaring strains of the rebellious rock song "Born to Be Wild."

In his book Grace Awakening, Swindoll teaches that fundamentalists who strive for doctrinal and moral purity are legalists who need to learn grace. He claims that it is legalistic to make prohibitions against immoral movies, dancing, etc. Actually, Swindoll redefines grace as a form of license. Biblical grace teaches us "to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts" and calls upon us to "live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world" (Titus 2:11-12). To live in such a manner requires constant judgment and the most extreme caution pertaining to all forms of entertainment, etc. We are to love not the world neither the things that are in the world. That is a VERY narrow walk. Calvary Contender editor Jerry Huffman observes that Swindoll's book leaves "the impression that rules or restrictions upon the believer steal from him the exuberance and joy of the Christian life and relegate him to a morbid and dreary existence." 

Only a devote OSAS preacher could believe a truly Spirit filled, redeemed person could be possessed by a demon. WHERE in Scripture has this occurred? Notice he doesn't site a single incident out of the Bible to back up his outrageous claim. But he makes certain that the 'possessed' person is 'still a Christian' As outlandish as this sounds, it certainly stands to reason given his views on security. If you can 'deny Christ' and remain saved, why not be demon possessed and wallow in all sorts of wickedness and remain heaven bound!
The ecumenical spirit further proves he has known the depths of Satan. Rather than defend the truth and risk alienating himself from popularity, just embrace all teachings and be a man pleaser. Is it any wonder why none of these men will preach repentance, godly sorrow for sin and the narrow way to eternal life?
The Promise Keepers incident is par for the course of modern day religion. Here's a movement based on the eternal security message, promoting a moralistic lifestyle, WITHOUT a sound Biblical base. Much like Rick Warren's 'Purpose Driven' series, it sounds good and creates a lot of hype, but is based entirely in error. Present are a group of so-called believers struggling with some kind of 'inner lust' and told by these 'spiritual leaders' they have to come to grips with their sinfulness by joining a group and learn to deal with it rather than give them the plain simple truth of Scripture, such as, that those who do such things WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom.  They are duped into thinking they have accomplished a great task by showing up at the conference, making a promise, and returning to their various churches.
As far as Swindoll showing up on a motorcycle to the sound of rebellious rock music, what would you expect? You can imagine the party they must have had when he came roaring in on that thing. Could you see one of the apostles showing up to preach the Gospel in like manner?  What an abomination!

It stands to reason that ANYONE who preaches a sound, bible based Gospel message today is considered a 'legalist.'  We've reached what is so well described in 2Tim. chapter 3.  Truly the professing Christian crowd is everything Paul outlined in the first few verses of that chapter. They love pleasure, money, fame, popularity, they are without self-control, they despise anything that promotes godliness and obedience to the truth. Yet they possess that 'form of godliness' without the power, 'always learning' but NEVER able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 'Deceived and being deceived' as verse thirteen says. Could these men really believe what the Bible has to say about purity, conduct and obedience? It appears they have written their own bible and preach the devil's message. Could any of them ever be awakened to the awful danger they are in? Only God knows.

If there is any doubt that Swindoll is a total apostate you must have personally bought into the devil's lie that you can 'sin' and NOT die! The focus is always on 'how much sin can I commit and still make it into heaven!' And the answer is ALWAYS the same! Since Christ has 'already' forgiven your 'past, present and future' sins in advance, you can sin with 'impunity' and not worry about it! You may doubt because your soul is destitute of any significant change, but because you 'repeated' those words one time in the past, you're SAFE and secure forever no matter what! Like the thief on the cross, you're guaranteed paradise as a reprobate sinner who never did a decent thing in your life. ONLY problem is, YOU'RE NOT the thief on the cross and you MAY NOT have an opportunity to truly repent moments before you die, as he did.  

A loose attitude about sin will serve to harden your heart against the truth, THIS Scripture warns against most clearly (Heb. 12:14-17). The 'bitter root, springing up to defile the heart,' the RISK, 'falling short of the grace of God!' But does Swindoll (or any like him) warn  you about this possibility? NEVER! They leave you with the impression that sin isn't so bad and there's really nothing you do about it anyway (because no one is perfect) therefore don't worry about it, that VACANT feeling you have inside is just human doubt and Christ will be there to save you in spite of your vileness because of grace.

After all, Christ only came to 'forgive' your sins, not CHANGE your nature, according to Swindoll. But this is another LIE out of the Pit! Problem is however, if you look at MOST professing Christians today, this would have a ring of truth to it. FEW who 'accept Jesus as their personal savior' manifest any change in their personal behavior. They remain vile, corrupt and filled with doubt. But IF Jesus is unable to change the nature of a sinner, WHY does Scripture so clearly say that He can?? Effort is required on our part, that is certain, but the POWER necessary to bring about the change is imparted by God. To imply that a redeemed soul must live under the influence of his vile nature until he dies is one of the worst distortions of grace Satan ever invented. Such a notion has hardened more hearts and seared more conscience than any false doctrine of the occult could ever imagine. Millions sit in churches today with a false sense of security based on the presumption that men like Swindoll have a 'special' insight into Scripture most of us are lacking. But in reality the Scripture identifies these men exactly....."They promise you liberty, while they themselves are slaves to corruption!" 2Pet. 2:19.  Only those who follow these blind guides could fail to see this clear distinction.

The New Covenant PROMISES a transformed nature! Heb. 8:8-13. This was present even in the Old Testament, Ezk. 36:25-27, The Lord said He would sprinkle clean water on you and you shall be clean from all filthiness. He will put His Spirit within you and give you a NEW HEART, then you will KEEP His commandments and WALK worthy of His Kingdom! All things become NEW, Paul said in 2Cor. 5:17.  You will be renewed in the spirit of your mind in His imagine of righteousness and true holiness, Eph. 4:22-24. (Does this sound as though 'imputed' righteousness is merely a cloak to cover our sinfulness?)

You can now put off the old man and put on the new (Eph. 4:22, Col. 3:8.) You can make your calling and election sure, by ADDING to your faith through His exceeding Great and precious promises! 2Pet. 1:3-11. You can be 'sanctified' COMPLETELY (through and through!) and preserved BLAMELESS at the coming of the Lord by His grace. (1Thess.5:23)  Through faith WORKING by love (Gal.5:4), your heart can be PURIFIED of sin (1Pet. 1:22), and you can have VICTORY over your worldly lust! (1John 5:4)  THESE are the 'some' of the promises of Scripture. The blind guides will only 'twist' them to their own destruction and the destruction of others. If you want to live in bondage to your flesh, no one can stop you (not even God) but if you are SICK and disgusted with the blind guides leaving you destitute of truth, TURN to Jesus now.