Truth Matters
feaslessly exploring biblical truth

Kingdom of God

1.  Why Truth Matters with Richard Wilkinson

2.  What Is the the Kingdom of God with Victor Glukin

3. Objections to the Kingdom with Dustin Smith

4.  Kingdom of God as Gospel with Anthony Buzzard

5.  Kingdom Lifestyle with Daniel Fitzsimmons

Conditional Immortality (heaven & hell)

6.  The truth about Heaven with Steve Taylor

7.  The Truth about Hell with John Cortright

8.  The History of Hell with John Roller

Salvation and Perseverance

9.  Easy Believism with Jason Benedict

10.  Conditional Salvation with Bob Mathieson

11.  The Grace Trap with Vince Finnegan

12.  The Psychology of Salvation with Mary Ann Yaconis

13.  How to Get Saved with Greg Deuble

14.  Churchology vs. Christianity with Matt Elton

Various Topics

15.  The Rapture with Delroy Gayle

16.  Jesus the Messiah with Richard Elton

17.  Resurrection with Joe Martin

God and Jesus (Christian monotheism)

18.  The Shema with Brian Kelly

19.  The Great Shift with Alex Hall

20.  The Arian Controversy with Alex Hall

21.  Is the Trinity Necessary for Salvation with J. Dan. Gill

22.  A Journey to Monotheism with Nathan Crowder

23.  Is the Trinity Biblical with Patrick Navas

24.  Implications of Monotheism with Danny Dixon

25.  Monotheism Makes Sense with George Littler

26.  The Restitution of Jesus Christ with "Sevetus"

Various Topics

27.  Law and Sabbath with Anthony Buzzard
28.  Objections to Conditional Immortality Answered with David Burge
29.  Open Theism with Ken Westby  (not yet available)

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Other Audios

 John 1:1 Dustin Smith

 John 1:1 Anthony Buzzard

 The Father Greater than the Son

 Isaiah 9 The Mighty God


 Deuteronomy 6:4

 Genesis 1:1

 Genesis 1:26

 I am Almighty God

 Matthew 1:23

 John 8:58

 John 20:28

 John 10:33

 1 John 5:7?

 Acts 20:28

 Romans 9:5

 2 Cor. 13:14

 1 Tim. 3:16

 From Oneness to One (By Dan Gill)