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The forgotten Gospel

There may be many of you who have entered this page and have been Christians for many years.  
What you
are about to read may offend you, it may shock you, and it might even make you angry, because it will go
against most of what you have been taught to believe.  
What we have learned in the traditional church is
far removed from the simplicity of the Gospel.
In fact, if I asked you to tell me what does the Gospel mean,
or to define it, could you?
 What really is the "good news"?

If some of you have come to this page and are new in the faith, or don't know anything at all about the TRUE
CHRISTIAN faith, this is the place to be!  You will find this helpful since you have not been infiltrated what is
taught in mainline Christianity is not the "faith once delivered to the saints."  There are traditions and teachings
that have changed its course about 200-400 years AFTER Christ.  What is preached today, is not the Gospel.  
It is not the "Good news."  It's just a lot of teachings that are filled with Greek philosophy that actually deny what
the Bible says plainly.   We must believe what we read without adding or taking away from the Gospel preached
by Jesus, the Son of God.  

Below is a book in PDF format.  If you wish to order the book please go to this website: Restoration Fellowship

I will give you the table of contents if this helps to spike your interest.  But I also want to repeat Jesus' last
prayer about everlasting life before his crucifixion where he prays to his Father and says,

"And this is everlasting life, that they may know You,
the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."

The book is titled, "The Amazing Aims and Claims of Jesus - What you didn't learn in church."

Table of Contents
1. What Did Jesus Preach About?
2. More About the Kingdom
3. Jesus Is Coming Back to the Earth 
4. Filling in Some of the Blanks 
5. More on the Gospel of the Kingdom 
6. God Picks Abraham, the Father of the Faithful
7. King David: Another Great Figure in the Kingdom Story
8. The True God, the True Messiah and the Precious Seed of Immortality
9. Making Public your Confession of Jesus as the Messiah and of the God of Israel, the Father of Jesus
Lesson 1: Becoming a Christian — Where to Begin 
Lesson 2: Believing the Gospel Message about the Kingdom
Lesson 3: The Basis for Believing the Christian Gospel
Lesson 4: Intelligent Response to the Good News
Lesson 5: The Kingdom of God: God’s Plan in World History 
Lesson 6: The Kingdom of God: An Event of the Future
Lesson 7: God’s Great Kingdom Plan Through Jesus 
Appendix 1: The Various New Testament Titles of the Gospel 
Appendix 2: What Is Death and Where are the Dead? 
Appendix 3: Leading Authorities on the Kingdom of God 
Appendix 4: The State of the Dead According to Authorities 
Appendix 5: Do Souls Go to Heaven?

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"The Amazing Aims and Claims of Jesus - What you didn't learn in church."

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