Who Is the Old Man and the New Man?


I often hear people saying they have to "die to self." But I don't find anything in the Scriptures where it says we must practice such a thing. This idea of dying to self is taken from 1 Cor. 15:31 while ignoring the context. By reading the context we begin to understand what Paul was talking about. He stood in jeopardy every hour. His was always in physical danger where it would cost him his physical life, not some inner turmoil he struggled with as we are led to believe by the professing church today.  (They cling to Romans 7 for life support!)

We often hear of the "old nature" and the "new nature."  The Bible talks about the "new man" and the "old man." Nowhere in the Bible does it say the new man must learn to overtake the old man. No where does Paul say he ever struggled with the old man.

Who Is The Old Man?

Who is the New Man?