Front Page News!


I was reading the paper today (Jan. 6, 2008) and here is what I found on the front page of the Florida News Journal. Pay close attention to what I have in bold.

My own former pastor (Independent Baptist Church) wrote to me and said the same thing, he said, "We are born in a pool of sin and corrupted DNA." On a Christian radio station I heard a preacher say that all of us are born drunks, homosexuals, etc., it's just that some of us have not practiced some of those sins. What a great escape from the responsibility of owning up to our own sinful choices, to clear our conscience by blaming our behavior on someone or something. In this case, just blame sinful behavior on the way you were born. So remember that the next time you engage in fornication, adultery, drunkenness, same sex partner, etc., just remember it's not like you had a choice, you were simply born that way.

This is what the "majority" of Christendom teaches, no matter what denomination. There are many pastors who stand in the pulpit on Sundays who teach this unbiblical doctrine to their sleepy sheep, or those who write their commentaries for the same sleepy Christians, who in turn teach it to baby Christians and non-Christians.

I pray that Christians would search the Scriptures for themselves and let the Holy Spirit guide them into all truth. As for myself? I have come to renounce this doctrine.

The teaching is not Biblical. Sin is not a physical issue, it's a moral issue.