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A simple rule we must all remember:

"Prove all things; hold fast that
which is good."  -1 Thess. 5:21

Abandoning the Trinity
New Web Blog by Kermit Zarley

Allon Maxwell's Home Page

Biblical Truth Seekers
Raymond C. Faircloth also has books
that are available on Amazon.

Christian Monotheism
Calling Christians Worldwide
to Return to the Creed of Jesus

Dustin Martyr's Blog

God's Kingdom First

Kingdom Ready

Love Your Enemies

Wrested Scriptures

Restoration Fellowship: 
Anthony Buzzard, one of the most
significant promoters of the monotheism
movement in our time, provides dozens
of free articles and multimedia resources
for all to download. His site also contains
many recent youtube videos and a great
collection of books.

21st Century Reformation: 
J. Dan and Sharon Gill labor tirelessly to
provide fresh biblical video teachings related
to our God and his Son. Their site is published
like an online magazine so each month they
have a totally new homepage.

Multi Media and Articles from 21st Century
You can enjoy and download hundreds of 21stCR Videos, Articles, and Audios.

The Bible Jesus
Greg Deuble's Website

The Truth In All Boldness

Trinity Delusion:
A comprehensive site including a Scripture index, many
articles about the Trinity, book recommendations, and
tons of youtube videos by an anonymous Canadian.

Severtus The Evangelical
Recovering the real Jesus of history.