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We live in a day where good is called evil and evil is good.  We are told
that those who live righteously are considered self-righteous while those who
are unrighteous, sinning everyday in thought, word, and deed are in the
true faith!  In other words, if you don't sin, you are a hypocrite,
but if you do sin, you are good with God and are in the faith. 
What utter foolishness to believe obeying God is
impossible and morally wrong!

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We Can Have Assurance!


Please Note: While the Webmaster of this site may agree with the authors on articles concerning the Conditional Security of the believer, it does not mean there is total agreement with the views expressed by authors in other areas of doctrine. 

Just remember this simple rule:

"Prove all things; hold fast that
which is good."  -1 Thess. 5:21